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  • Q: How do I place an order?
    A: To place an order, simply go to my "Order Form" page and fill out an order inquiry form. I aim to respond as quickly as possible. Be sure to check my calendar with my availabity before submitting a form to make sure your date is available.
  • Q: Is there an order minimum/maximum?
    A: Yes. Because I'm just a one woman show and consider myself to be a small batch baker, I have a two dozen minimum and an eight dozen maximum.
  • Q: Do you do character cookies?
    A: Character cookies are taken selectively. Not only is it a huge liability, but the color mixing process alone takes HOURS! I am more than happy to accommodate a "character suggestive" theme using the same colors, patterns, fonts, and figures of the desired character(s).
  • Q: Do you do logo cookies?
    A: Unfortunately, I do not. For the most part, logo cookies bring me no joy and leaves very little room for creativity.
  • Q: Can you freeze the cookies?
    A: Yes, absolutely! Check out my "Cookie Care" tab for all the information pertaining to general cookie storage and freeze/thawing instructions.
  • Q: What is a pre-sale?
    A: Pre-sales are when there are specific design options available for purchase on my website for a limited time typically around the holidays (such as Christmas, Mother's Day, etc). It's a great way to grab some goodies if you were unable to place a custom order with me!
  • Q: Do you ship?
    Yes I do! *Please note: The cookies are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and other various packing materials are used as well to prevent any damage or breakage. Once your order leaves my hands, it is unfortunately out of my control. I do my very, very best to ensure your order is packed securely and that all cookies arrive to you in one piece, but again once your order is shipped I am no longer responsible for them*
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